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Jimmy Witherspoon & Eric Burdon / Eric Burdon & WAR
(LP) 1971 USA - MGM SE 4791
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01. I’ve Been Drifting / Once Upon A Time    

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02. Steam Roller    
03. The Laws Must Change    
04. Have Mercy Judge   
05. Goin’ Down Slow

Jimmy Witherspoon - Obituary

06. Soledad   
07. Home Dream   
08. Headin’ For Home  
09. The Time Has Come  

Burdon and Witherspoon played 7 consecutive Mondays at The Whisky before recording this album. Track 10 on the "F#Ęk Me ... I Thought He Was Dead" CD features Burdon and Witherspoon on one of those Mondays.

In his book "Good Times", Dionisio Castello notes that (a) "Goin' Down Slow" and "Home Dreams" were performed by Eric Burdon & WAR while the other tracks were recorded by Burdon and Witherspoon, (b) the provisional title for the album was "The Time Has Come" with the cover featuring a phot of Barry Jenkins (ex The Animals and Eric Burdon & The Animals drummer) strapped to the electric chair and (c) despite Burdon indicating in 1971 interviews that it was a live album from the May 1971 gig at San Quentin Prison with Witherspoon and Muhammad Ali, the only track on the album from that gig is "Going Down Slow" by Eric Burdon & WAR. The Burdon and Witherspoon tracks were actually recorded at the MGM studios in Hollywood on 31-Jul-71. The other Eric Burdon & WAR track "Home Dream" was recorded at the Phillips Studio in Los Angeles on 08-Aug-69. The Burdon and Witherspoon tracks 

The "Guilty!" album was re-released as "Black & White Blues" in LP format in 1976 (LA Records GG 58001) and in later in CD format in 1999 (ARG Records/BMG).


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